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Mr McFarland

Patrick McFarland has played with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra since 1964, having held the position of Solo English horn since 1968. After 47 years, he has retired!!! ....More

New Shipments arriving regularly

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 We are happy to send pics of individual instruments listed below.  Simply request on line with your email  address with the names of specific instruments.


CZ, made in 1973  with  a Dutch thumb rest                         $2,700.00

EP, made in 1979                                                                  $4,200.00

FV, made in 1982     $3,900.00

HQ, made in 1985     $4,100.00

IX, made in 1989, with the Philadelphia High D key    $4,800.00

JN, a standard model made in 1990                         $4,900.00

KF, a standard model made in 1992      $5,000.00

KN made in 1993                                $5,000.00

KP, a Rosewood instrument made in 1993   $5,500.00

LK, made in 1995     $5,400.00...

NC, made in 1999                   $5,500.00

PR, a standard model made in 2005     $5,700.00

TJ, made in 2016 and in excellent condition                             $6,800.00


Cabart, made by Loree in 75, in very good condition,  great for the younger player           $2,900.00

Chauvet, a very rare oboe as they closed down a while back, a smooth, covered sound   $4,900.00

Fossati, their Tiery model, full conservatory .Made in 1990  Looks like new and plays very well.           $4,200.00

Fox Model 300, full conservatory in plastic, in excellent condition                               $3,800.00

Fox 400 in wood in excellent condition                                          $3,600.00                  

 Patricola, full conservatory in good condition                       $4,800.00

Yamaha 841 full profession less the 3rd 8va                  $5,600.00

Yamaha Model 441, their intermediate Model                 $3,300.00


Howarth, Model S40c, Made in 2912. in 2012, full conservatory                     $4,100.00

Howath, their top of the line instrument made in Rosewood. Its a

 very responsive horn with a sweet sound  Double case with cover

and a pair of Howarth bocals                                                                                  $4,900,00

Loree, HZ, made in 1987 but looks and plays like new with 3 Loree bocals (#1, 2, & 3)  Has many notes left in it!        $5,900.00

KO. made in 1993, in double case and canvas cover                     $7,100.00

Used instruments come and go frequently so if you don't see anything that interests you, let us know what you'd like and we'll contact you when such an instrument comes along. 

To get more information, email us and we'll respond right away with the latest availability's. If you don't find what you're looking for and w4e'll contact when an instrument that you may like comes in. When you do, please let us know what you are looking for as far as brand of instrument and/or  the price range you wish


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We also accept mail orders
with check enclosed to:
McFarland Double Reed Shop
2404 Chastain Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30342

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