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Mr McFarland

Patrick McFarland has played with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra since 1964, having held the position of Solo English horn since 1968. After 47 years, he has retired!!! ....More

New Shipments
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The McFarland Double Reed Shop


Student oboe reeds are $18.00

We offer professionally made reeds for oboe, English horn and oboe for $24.00 each.

We have now added very! fine professional reeds for oboe and English horn.  They're $39.00 for oboe and $42.00 for English horn.. Sure, they're more expensive than the above but, once you've tried them, you'll agree they're worth the price.

Also available is my Adjustment Guide that goes through the entire instrument with instructions for each screw, and has photographs showing each screw and how to make each adjustment. There's a section for English horn adjustments and a trouble shooting guide.  $17.50.

We've been having problems with the forms page of this site so please write to us at:  EngHrnDude@aol.com

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

We Accept

We also accept mail orders
with check enclosed to:
McFarland Double Reed Shop
925 Canterbury Rd., # 1247, Atlanta, GA 30324

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