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Mr McFarland

Patrick McFarland has played with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra since 1964, having held the position of Solo English horn since 1968. After 47 years, he has retired!!! ....More

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The McFarland Double Reed Shop Order Forms  


To order, please email us at:  enghrndude@aol.com



If you have ordered previously, we will have your account on file. However, please keep us up to date with any expiration date changes. If you have not ordered previously, we do not recommend that you E-Mail your credit card information, as there is a slight chance that it could fall into the wrong hands. Instead, call us at (404) 351-4500 and give us your credit card information over the phone. This will be totally safe as I am the only person who can get phone messages. Otherwise, you can send the credit card information by FAX at 404-355-8983   We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

We Accept

We also accept mail orders
with check enclosed to:
McFarland Double Reed Shop
925 Canterbury Rd., # 1247, Atlanta, GA 30324

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