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Mr McFarland

Patrick McFarland has played with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra since 1964, having held the position of Solo English horn since 1968. After 47 years, he has retired!!! ....More




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The McFarland Double Reed Shop

Established in 1971 the McFarland Double Reed Shop is owned and operated by Patrick McFarland , a professional musician with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for 47 years. This is the only double reed supply shop run by a professional performing oboe/English horn playing musician. We are a direct importer for the new Lorée, Cabart, Fox, Fossati, Marigaux, Howarth and Yamaha instruments.

We offer oboes, English horns, oboes d'Amore, and Bass oboes, both new and used, from student to professional quality. We also handle resales in consignment.


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We have new Yamaha 841 oboes that are lined to prevent cracking. We have the Model 841 in Grenadilla and Kingwood. and at a very attractive price. The Kingwood model is ideal for soft playing in the "basement." In fact, we've sold several to second oboists in major orchestras and one referred to it as a "life saver."     We carry only their "Duet" Model in both woods which have a liner in the complete upper section of the bore for crack protection. As with all new instruments we sell, these will be covered by our two year warranty.

On hand usually new Loree instruments, AK and Royal oboes as well as a Royal English horn at reduced prices! Contact us for prices on these instruments.
 Can you guess what composer made this statement: "
Listening to the Fifth Symphony of Ralph Vaughan Williams is like staring at a cow for 45 minutes."

Find the answer to this and many other conductor quotes on our "Humor Page"


' Find out the answer on our humor page.

What famous conductor said: Why do you always insist on playing while I'm trying to conduct? Again, the answer will be on the same humor page.

Please drop by often as changes will be made often.

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We also accept mail orders
with check enclosed to:
McFarland Double Reed Shop
2404 Chastain Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30342

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